Moorpark (Gettysburg), CA
November 2001

General Lee

Lt. Col. Mann on his horse.

Yankee soldiers in review.

Dismounted cavalry on the left, infantry on the right.

Zouaves inspecting their firearms.

Rebel troops prepare to advance against dismounted Yankee cavalry skirmishers.

Federal Artillery reloading after a volley of cannon fire.

Federal commanders observing the battle.

Gen. Pickett's division advances, but pays the price.

Union cavalry retreats under fire from the Richmond Howitzers.

The Richmond Howitzers unleash a barrage.

The Union troops reorganize and press forward.

Staring into the face of battle.

Lt. Col. Mann confers with Lt. Col. Settle.

Mr. Lincoln enjoying a snack.

Soldiers and their ladies at the Cotillion.