TV and Movie Credits

Whether for Civil War artillery, of course, and even for infantry and cavalry, Hollywood frequently turns to the Richmond Howitzers for quality film extras in productions involving the Civil War, knowing that the results on screen will be first class. 


Hollywood visits the Howitzers!  Brucs Boxleitner (aka General Longstreet in Gods and Generals) joins discussions with Ed Mann, John Billinger, and Rich Studenick at Moorpark (2004).

Present and former members of the Howitzers have appeared in the following movies and television productions:

Amistad (Universal)

Gettysburg (Turner)

Glory! (Columbia)

Wild, Wild West (Universal)

Ghost Brigade (Turner)

Quantum Leap (NBC)

Sliders (SCI FI Channel)

Seven Days (UPN)

Tales of the Gun (History Channel)

Murder, She Wrote (CBS, 2001)

Civil War Combat-Gettysburg (History Channel)

Civil War Combat-Petersburg (History Channel)

Mail Call (History Channel, 2003 & 2005)

Wild West Tech (History Channel)

"The Alamo" (Sound Effects, 2004)

The Conquerors (History Channel, 2005)

Secret Missions of the Civil War (History Channel, 2005)

NCIS (Paramount/Belisarius Productions, 2005)

CSI (CBS 2006)

The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth (History Channel, 2007)

The Speech That Saved America (Discovery Channel, 2008)

Without a Trace (Warner Bros. Television 2008)

1000 Ways to Die (Spike TV, 2008)

Bones (Fox, 2009)

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